How to Transfer Money Thru BDO Online Banking in Just 1 Minute?


Yes. It’s true. It only takes one (1) minute for me to transfer money to another person thru BDO’s online banking facility. Don’t waste your time in going to a money remittance center or to a bank and just fall in line.

You can send or transfer money to any person thru BDO online banking. So, how does it work? Follow these 3 steps:


Step 1

You should have a BDO account enrolled in its online banking facility. Then, login to your BDO online banking account and go to Send Money –> To any BDO Account. And fill-out the Send Money form:

Transfer Money to BDO Account Online

Make sure you choose or enter the appropriate info in the blank fields:

  • Source Account – choose your BDO account that you want to use for sending or transferring money to another person. That BDO account should have sufficient balance for sending money.
  • Amount – enter the amount of money you want to transfer.
  • Destination Account – enter the 12-digit BDO account number of the person whom you want to transfer the money to. If his BDO account number has only 10 digits, just add two zeros (0) at the beginning of the account number such as this: 00 + (his BDO account number) or 001234567890.
  • Remarks – you can leave this blank.

Take Note: BDO has a maximum daily limit of Php 10,000 for sending/transferring money to any BDO account. This limit applies only to those BDO accounts which are not yet enrolled in its online banking facility.

Why does BDO impose this limit? In order prevent abuses such as money laundering and taking advantage of this feature by using this in order to earn money from sending money to another person for a profit.

Step 2

Verify the transaction details by checking info. You can cancel if you’ve entered the wrong details. To proceed, just click the Continue button.

Transfer Money thru BDO Online Banking 2

Step 3

Enter the OTP (One-Time-Password) that will be sent to your mobile phone (the phone number you enrolled in BDO’s online banking).  This is security feature that verify that you really are the owner of the BDO account.


After that, the transaction is finish. You will be redirected to a page which confirms the successful transaction:

Transfer Money thru BDO Online Banking 4

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