Top 46 Bank Accounts with Lowest Maintaining Balance in Philippines


Of all the major banks in the Philippines that I examine, the banks that offer the lowest maintaining balance are BDO, Metrobank, BPI, UCPB, PNB, ChinaBank, DBP, AUB, RCBC, EastWest Bank.

I notice in these banks that the ATM accounts have a lower maintaining balance compared to the Passbook accounts.

That’s why most of the accounts listed in the table below with low maintaining balance are ATM accounts, more particularly, the ATM accounts for OFWs. But you can open an OFW account in these banks if you want to even if you’re a non-OFW. You will just need a simple “DISKARTE” to do that.

IMPORTANT! What I also notice for most bank accounts with low maintaining balance is that they can have hidden service fees or hidden conditions you should meet. Like withdrawal fees and a required deposit/withdrawal transaction in a year.

You should take note of those fees and conditions in order to save and keep more of your hard-earned money! I write some Notes in the table. Just click the plus (+) button to view thoseĀ Notes.

The 0 (zero) figure in the table means zero maintaining balance or no maintaining balance and no initial deposit.

In the table, you can sort the Maintaining Balance column from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. The same goes for the Initial Deposit column.

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In choosing a bank, find one that is most convenient for you. For me, I find it more convenient to use BDO, particularly the BDO Kabayan Savings ATM Account. It has zero (0) maintaining balance. Convenience is better with BDO than other banks. It has the largest network of banks (largest number of branches). So great accessibility. It has also great customer service support (24 hours hotline), free withdrawals in any BDO ATMs, and only requires at least 1 withdrawal or deposit transaction in a year.



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