Instead of wasting your time, why not turn your Facebook into a Money-Making Machine?


Oftentimes, you might not notice it that you’re browsing Facebook up to several minutes and sometimes even up to several hours. Chatting with friends. Reading the news feeds. And viewing those time-waster entertaining videos.

According to a study, people spend browsing Facebook almost 40-minutes a day on average. It’s equivalent to 4.5 hours in 1 week.

Why not turn that hours into a productive one? You can make your Facebook account a money-making machine.

Turn Facebook into Money-Making Machine
Turn Facebook into Money-Making Machine

But how? I know you might have this in your mind. By selling stuff in Facebook?

Yes. Buy some items at a lower price and sell it a higher price in Facebook.

There are over 2.13 billion active Facebook users since 2017. And 1.4 billion of those people log onto Facebook every day.

Why not tap that market and become an online seller?

Start small with small capital or start big by becoming an affiliate or agent.

As an affiliate or agent, you don’t need a capital. You will just sell the products (like real estate properties) and earn big commissions.

If you sold a 10-million worth (php or usd) of real estate property and you get 5% commission of that, you earn a massive 500,000 (php or usd).

Do you like to earn that kind of amount?

Well, you can follow these 5 tips in making your Facebook a money-making machine:

  1. Sell or promote products in your Facebook personal account
  2. Create a Facebook Page (dedicated to sell/promote your products)
  3. Create a Facebook Group Page (dedicated to help or give support to your clients/customers)
  4. Create an Online Group Chat in Facebook Messenger (talk to your clients/customers in real time)
  5. Promote your Facebook Page and Group Page to other Group Pages with plenty of members.

Your Facebook account will become an income-generating machine if you follow these.

For advance online sellers, you can follow these 5 tips in getting more sales from your Facebook account:

  1. Create a Facebook Advertisement campaign by clicking Create Ads in your Facebook menu. You pay for advertising in FB.

2. Advertising should be targeted or focused on your target customers to save money and maximize profits:

  • Set your audience (customers). Determine their location, age, gender, language
  • Set your daily budget. You can set a daily budget of 50 (php or usd) per day.
  • Choose platform:  in Facebook feeds, instant articles, in messenger etc.
  • And set the other parameters according to your criteria.
  • Payment can done through your Visa/Mastercard debit card or credit card or Paypal.
  • Most ATM cards in the Philippines are now EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa)-powered chip. It means, you can use those card to pay for Facebook ads.

3. If you have a blog or website, you can earn money (passive income) in Facebook through its Facebook Audience Network. Just google that keyword in order to know more about it.

4. If your Facebook account, page, or group page have million followers or members, you can earn money by attracting big brands or individual person to promote their products to those pages.

5. Become a Facebook Marketing consultant/expert. You can earn money by teaching other people about your secrets of successful Facebook marketing.

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