How to Unblock a Blocked LandBank ATM Card?


This scenario may apply to you. You might want to withdraw money in an ATM machine using your LandBank ATM Card. Then you insert your atm card in the ATM machine.

But you forgot your ATM PIN. You tried any ATM pins whatever came out to your mind. First PIN try, failed. Second PIN try, failed. And third PIN try, failed also.

And now your LandBank ATM card is blocked from accessing your account. This is the most major reason why most LandBank ATM cards are blocked – incorrect ATM PIN entry.

So how can you unblock your blocked LandBank ATM card? You can follow any of these three options:

Option 1

If you have a phone and a load, you can avoid the hassle of going to the bank. You can just call LandBank’s Customer Service Hotline:

  • Telephone: (02) 405-7000 – this is a 24/7 Customer Service Hotline No.

Other LandBank Contact Numbers:

  • (02) 551-2200
  • (02) 522-0000
  • (02) 450-7001

The customer service may ask some personal identification information. So, you might prepare your ID.

Option 2

If you’re near to a LandBank branch, you can go to the bank. Ask for help to a bank officer in the Accounts section in the LandBank branch.

Request for unblocking your blocked atm card. Don’t forget to bring your valid id (government-issued if possible or company id).

Option 3

The laziest option is this: just wait for 24-hours. Your blocked atm card will automatically be unblocked.

This instance is applicable only to atm cards which were blocked in the ATM machine and not to atm cards which you intentionally block by request due to atm card loss or thief.


If you badly need cash and your ATM card is blocked, you can still withdraw money over-the-counter in a Landbank branch.

Take note: You might think that you can withdraw in another ATM (machine) even if your ATM card is blocked or locked. It will not work. Your ATM card is still blocked even if you use a different ATM machine.

Tips in order to avoid forgetting your ATM PIN

  • It’s better to memorize your ATM PIN related to your most memorable date (not birthdate)
  • Have a physical written copy of your ATM PIN in your house. Keep it in a very safe, private and secure place. In case you forgot your PIN, you have a backup copy.
  • You can also have virtual copy of your ATM PIN in a computer. But make sure it’s located in a private and password-protected folder or program.

Do you have any other problem or concern with your LandBank ATM card?


      • Hello sir,,my pag ibig card has been blocked yesterday night is it possible to recover it before 24 hours?
        God bless and thank you

  1. My atm card was blocked because I forget one of my pin numbers, suddenly I remembered it already but I tried three times with wrong pin and my ATM card was blocked. How can I unblocked it?

    • Ma. Hazel, just wait for 24 hours, it will automatically unblock itself. But if you want urgent cash, you can transact or withdraw over-the-counter in a LandBank branch.

  2. Ma’am and sir naunblocked po kasi yung ATM ko,kasi dati pin ko ay limang digits,ilan po b dapat ang pin ,tas nagchange ulit ako ng pin,unblocked po ang lumabas,,ano po b dapat ang gamitin Kong pin yung old or yung new ,,at ilan po b dapat ang digits ng pin number ng ATM..please response.tnx po

    • Try to use your ATM on the next day. If you forgot your ATM pin, the only option you need to do is to request replacement for a new ATM. LandBank will not issue a new ATM pin for your ATM card.

      • Hello po, same problem po with Ms Elza, but worst on me is my Landbank atm is issued by PAGIBIG. What should I do? I’m not sure kung nag-success ung pag change pin ko eh. Thank you.

  3. Ma’am and Sir na blocked po yung Atm card ko dahil naka tatlong beses ako na mali nang type na pin ko dahil nakalimutan ko yung pin number ko at yun na blocked na po at may linyang itim na sa harapan nang card ko, Ok lang po ba yun at magagamit ko pa kaya yun bukas after 24hours?

    • Yes, Michael. Pero kung sakaling nakalimutan mo yung ATM pin, pumunta ka na lang sa bangko at ipagpaalam sa kanila na nakalimutan mo yung pin number ng ATM mo.

    • Hi Maristhel, if you’re in the Philippines, you should go to the LandBank branch where your father opened the account. Ask the bank who is the beneficiary of his account. The beneficiary can withdraw or get the money of your father. I hope this will help you.

  4. Sure po yung after 24 hrs mauublocked ule ung atm? Kakablock lang kase nung land bank cash card ko pero tama naman ung pin ko. Dahil sa system problem nila .

    • nakailang tawag na po ako sa customer service to ask help.wala sumasagot.. 3 pins attemps..and then blocked na.. Pero sure naman po ako sa pin ko dahil 3x na po ako nakawithdrw before.. Can u help us unblocked after 24 hrs.. Tnx

      • Hi Arian, baka nakalimutan mo yung ATM pin mo at mali ang na-enter. Kung sakaling maraming beses ka nang pabalik-balik sa ATM machine at ayaw pa rin tanggapin ang ATM PIN mo, pumunta ka sa alinmang LandBank branch at sabihin mo yung concern mo.

  5. Yung atm ko lagi nalang nabloblock. The machine keeps saying I entered the wrong pin when im pretty sure I entered the right one..

    • Hi Abby, baka nakalimutan mo lang ATM PIN. Pumunta po kayo sa alinmang LandBank branch at sabihin mo na ayaw tanggapin yung ATM PIN kahit tama yung inenter mo.

  6. Comment:hi po na block po atm ko kc nkalimutan ko pin code and 3x ako ng enter.. thats was July 26 then aftr a that July 28 in the morning I tried to open it but still my atm block panu po un?

    • Hi felicitas, maybe you forgot your ATM PIN. Or if you’re still blocked even if you enter the right ATM PIN, you should go to the LandBank branch or contact Landbank Customer Service. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID when you go to the LandBank branch.

  7. Good day sir. Na blocked po ang atm ko dahil namali ng pin 3x. Nalimutan ko po kase ang pin. Applicable po ba yung 24hrs na yun kahit sa ibang atm machine

  8. Magandang tangahali po. Pag na unblocked po ba ang atm ko after 24 hrs magagamit ko na po ba ulit ang atm ko? Salamat po

    • hi ArEmDiJey, kapag na-unblock yung ATM mo, pwede mo nang gamitin yung ATM right away kahit hindi ka pa maghintay ng 24 hours.

  9. Question, for the replacement of old ATM’s to EMV, what pin should I use. I tried my old pin 3x to change pin but it was blocked saying I incorrectly input the pin.

  10. Sir goodeve magcheck po sana ako ng balance ko sa umid card sa gsis kasi nagloan po ako.. block po yong card ko kasi naka 3 times ako mali saka ko naalala nung nablock na.. ma unblock po kaya in 24hrs?

  11. Nablock po yung ATM ko dahil mali raw po yung pinasok kong pin eh yun po yunh pin na ipinalit sa luma kasi nga po sa nagupgrade po to EMV. Paano po ito mam?

  12. si khen salce nag loan ako sa pag ibig land bank cash card binigay nila. so mag ttransact na po ako na block yung atm nag ask ako sa landbank staff i pa unblock ko pa daw sa manila eh nasassign ako sa nueva vizzcaya? pano po to. meron pin na 4 digits tpos nag new pin pero na block? tama po b 4 digits pin ilalagay ko bukas aantaying ko yung option 3?

  13. Sir good evening po ang landbank atm ko po ay nablock dahil po nagkamali ako nang pin 3 times po ako nag try anu po ba yon magiging okey pa po ba yon within 24 hours kahit hindi pumuntang landbank? Thank you sir sa sagot.

  14. Hi good evening. Tanong ko lang, nablocked kasi yung landbank atm ng mama ko kanina. i forgot the pin kasi. tried it 3x. then i was searching for answers sa google and found ur post. so, after 24hrs, sigurado po bang mauunblocked yung atm? or need po talagang tumawag sa customer service? kasi nasa province sila and need po ako magwithdraw pambayad upa. sana po matulungan nyo ako. salamat po.

  15. Good day po,same problem din po ang concern ko.atm landbank pensioner mga anak ko pero ngayon lang po nangyare na di kami maka withdraw. Tama nman po ung pin at sure po tlaga ako na tama po.pero dpo kmi mka withdraw and last sabipo inactive/blocked na daw po.magkukusa po bang mag unblocked yung atm kahit dkona po itawag sa bank?kc wla nman po mali sa pin na niregister ko.

    • hi Mam Ellen, pwede pa pong gamitin yung ATM na yan. Punta po kayo sa pinakamalapit na LandBank branch at ipa-ACTIVATE yung ATM. Wala pong bayad yan.

  16. Good pm sir na block po kasi yung atm ko kanina 4x ginamit nakalimutan ko kasi password.pwede ko po bang iparecover yung pin ko sa landbank branch kasi sa batanes ako nagpaopen eh nandito po ko sa manila .thank you and Godbless po

  17. Sir nag change pin po ako at successful naman pero.pag mag inquire balance na ko mali dw ang password ko ano po ba dapat gawin


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