How to Pay Your BDO Credit Card Bill Online in Just 1 Minute (Working Method)?


I’ve made several articles that show how convenient and easy for you to pay your bills such as landline or internet bills, postpaid bills, electricity bills, government agency bills, etc. What I’m going to show you is the convenience of paying your BDO credit card bill online.

It only takes 2 minutes for me to pay my BDO credit card bill online. Here’s how to pay your BDO credit card bill thru it’s own online banking facility.


Step 1

You need to have a BDO savings account and a BDO Credit Card and both should be enrolled in BDO’s online banking facility. If you’re using the desktop (PC or laptop), please use the latest version of Internet Explorer in browsing BDO’s website. Paying your BDO credit card bill using Chrome doesn’t work. (I hope the IT Department of BDO will read this and fix this bug soon).

Step 2

Then log-in to your BDO online banking account and go to Pay Bills and Reload –> Bills Payments –> Pay Bills. Fill-out the Payment Details Form:

Pay BDO Credit Card Bill Online
Pay BDO Credit Card Bill Online

Choose or enter the appropriate information in the blank fields:

  • Pay from – choose which savings account you want to use for paying your credit card bill
  • Pay this Company/Biller – choose your enrolled BDO Credit Card account which you want to pay for.
  • Amount – enter the amount of the credit card bill or any amount you would like to pay even if its just a partial payment for your credit card bill.
  • Remarks – you can leave this blank

Step 3

Verify the payment by checking carefully the details of the transaction. Make sure you’re paying the right credit card.  And make sure you have sufficient account balance to pay the bill.

Pay BDO Credit Card Bill Online 2

Then, click the Continue button to proceed and finish the transaction.

You will know if the transaction is successful if you are receive the following message and the detail summary of the transaction which contains the Reference Number and other Payment Details such as shown in the screenshot below:


That’s it! Very simple and convenient. Save your friends or family’s time too in paying their BDO credit card bills online by sharing this post to them.


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