Why You Should Hate the Philippines’ New Peso COINS (2018)?


Some of you might be proud of the new-look of the Philippines’ new coins this year (2018). Aside from the shiny-look of the coins, you can feel the modern design na parang magandang ikwintas sa leeg ;o). O di kaya pwedeng gawing anting-anting.

If you’re not yet familiar with our new coins, let’s take a look once again with what the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is being proud of.


New 1 Peso Coin

New 1 Peso Coin in the Philippines

New 5 Peso Coin

New 5 Peso Coin in the Philippines

New 10 Peso Coin

New 10 Peso Coin in the Philippines

What I hate

Do you know what I hate with these new coins (except for the Antonio Luna coin)?

If you take a look at the new 1 peso and 5 peso, they’re somewhat similar in size and color.

New 5 Peso and 1 Peso Coin Philippines

If you put many 1 and 5 peso coins in your pocket or purse and you wanted to buy something in a dark area, would it be difficult to recognize the difference between those coins?

That’s what I hate. You could probably mistaken that they’re similar. Instead of giving the 1 peso coin, you could give the 5 peso coin as an exchange.

New 1 Peso and 5 Peso Coin Philippines

Another thing is, most peso-coin operated machines in the Philippines are using the size of the old 1 peso and old 5 peso coins.

Let’s take for example those Pisonet (coin-operated) computer internet cafes and other vending machines. Their coins slots are suited only for the old 1 peso and 5 peso.

Pisonet customers will find it difficult to use the new 5-peso coin. They need to change the new 5-peso coin first into old 5-peso coin before they can insert it to the 5-peso coin slot.

In summary, using the new 5-peso coin could not only cause confusion between new 1 peso and 5 peso due to its size but also could find it useless for using vending machines installed with old 5-peso coin slot.

Confused with the new 5-peso coin in a pile of 1-peso coins

BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) should stop producing this new 5-peso coin. Instead resize it the same as the old 5-peso.

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