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How to Deactivate or Block BDO ATM Card Online?

One of the biggest banks in the Philippines, Banco De Oro (BDO) has an online facility that lets you deactivate or block your BDO ATM...
Tricks Secure ATM Card PIN Hard to Guess

4 Tricks to Secure Your ATM Card PIN (Make it HARD TO GUESS)?

Your ATM Card PIN is like a door key that will allow you to open or access your bank account. What if your wallet or...
Top 10 Banks Best for Students in Philippines

Top 10 Banks Best for Students in Philippines

You might be a student wondering what bank is best for you here in the Philippines. When I was in college, I also encountered the same...
Requirements in Opening Metrobank Savings Account

Requirements in Opening a Metrobank Savings Account

Preparing the requirements for opening a Metrobank Savings Account before going to a Metrobank branch can surely save you time and money. This is to...
Requirements in Opening BDO Savings Account

Requirements in Opening a BDO Savings Account

Many people who want to open a BDO savings account are wondering what are the requirements for opening an account. Preparing for the requirements in...