4 Tricks to Secure Your ATM Card PIN (Make it HARD TO GUESS)?


Your ATM Card PIN is like a door key that will allow you to open or access your bank account.

What if your wallet or bag which contains your ATM Card and its PIN (written on a paper) has been stolen? The thief has a greater chance of withdrawing your money from your ATM Card successfully.

If you only know how to secure your ATM PIN or make it hard to guess, you wouldn’t need to worry with the money of your ATM account.

Here are powerful tricks I made on how to secure your ATM PIN or make it very hard to guess:

Tricks Secure ATM Card PIN Hard to Guess

Trick 1. Convert or replace the ATM PIN into letters

ATM PIN is composed of numbers. When you write it on paper, phone or computer, convert it into letters. For example, 121431 is your ATM PIN, convert it into ABADCA.

The letter represents a number:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 3
  • D = 4
  • and so on…

Trick 2. Convert the ATM PIN into words

You can also replace the ATM PIN digits with the name of a memorable object or animals. For example, the 121431 ATM PIN can converted into tower swan tower sailboat breast tower.

  • 1 = tower
  • 2 = swan
  • 1 = tower
  • 4 = sailboat
  • 3 = breasts
  • 1 = tower

Why did I choose those words? Because I represented those words as shapes which are similar to the shape of the number (ATM PIN).

  • Tower – the shape of the tower is similar to the shape of number 1
  • Swan – shape of the swan is similar to number 2
  • Sailboat – shape of sailboat is similar number 4
  • Breasts – shape of breasts is similar to number 3

Trick 3. Convert ATM PIN into Symbols in the Number Buttons of the Computer Keyboard

At the top part of a computer keyboard, you can see those symbols printed alongside with the numbers.

You can use those symbols as a representation of the numbers. If we convert our ATM PIN 121431 into symbols, it would be like this:

  • 1 = !
  • 2 = @
  • 1 = !
  • 4 = $
  • 3 = #
  • 1 = !

So, 121431 can be converted into !@!$#!.

Trick 4. Use a combination of Trick 1, 2, and 3.

If I combine all the tricks, the ATM PIN 121431 would be something like this:

  • 1 = A
  • 2 = swan
  • 1 = !
  • 4 = D
  • 3 = breasts
  • 1 = !

So, it’s Aswan!Dbreasts!.

I hope you found these tricks useful. Share this with your friends!

If you want to add another trick, just tell us in the comment below.


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